Easyloan.ca is actively seeking to purchase Seller Financed, Carry-Back Mortgage Notes secured by residential or small Commercial Properties. Our proven ability to structure purchases of creative Seller Financing has enabled us to become a predominant Funding Source for Sellers of Notes, Mortgages, and Loan Portfolios.

In addition to individuals who have taken back Seller Financing, we work with Lawyers, Real Estate Brokers, Bankers and Mortgage Brokers who refer to us Mortgage Notes for sale.

How quick can we close? Easyloan.ca has quick closings. In some cases, within 48-72 hours from the time we receive full documentation; 30 days or less if we have to gather the documentation such as Title Insurance, Homeowner's Insurance, Endorsements, Payoff Statements, Appraisals, etc.

Our Professional Management makes closings convenient, simple and secure. After we agree on a full, or partial, sale of your note via our Sales Agreement, easyloan.ca will do all of the work, including notifying the payor of your Mortgage Assignment after closing. We always use Title Companies, or Lawyers, to be certain that your Mortgage is properly assigned. We will wire Certified Funds to your Bank, or Closing Agent for your Note Sale Proceeds.